Mastroeni Clásico Merlot

Wine rich in soft and friendly tannins with a good bouquet and a round and elegant palate. It presents complex aromas of spices, such as oregano and notes of dried fig and cherry.


For more than two decades, Bodegas Mastroeni has been producing the Mastroeni Joven line, becoming a family classic, accompanying each Argentine at their table and as a spiritual complement to meals.
• Location: El Pantano vinyards, Lavalle, Mendoza
• Height: 600 mts
• Composition: 100% Merlot
• Antiquity: planted in 1960
• Yield: 90 qq/HA
• Harvest: first half of March
• BRIX: 24,2
• Hand-Harvest
• Mechanical selection of bunches and grains
• Full fermentation in stainless steel tanks
• Controlled malolatic fermentation in Stainless steel tanks
• Alcohol: 13,50%
• Total Acidity: 6,00 g / l
• PH: 3,7
• Sugar: 1,90 g /l


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